Lina Chang - Intro Questions

  1. Lina Chang, Japanese and Computer Science, Junior
  2. I started my college life as a Sam Fox student, moved around into all different areas of study. Then, I saw myself enjoying computer sceince courses, but I still loved art. I found this great spot where I could use both skills. I'm really interested in UIUX, and I found this class as a great foundation course.
  3. Yes, I have taken cse 204, which is a web design class. In past, I had to spend time mostly on learning techniques. This time, I want to incorporate those skills with visual part.
  4. As mentioned above, I would like to focus on how visual aspects goes well with data given.
  5. I expect designing focusing largely on structure of content - where and how data is placed.
  6. Apple. Website is overall simple and neat. Not much color variation except the products itself, that the presence of the products are effectively represented. There are short explanations under each product, and differences in the size and font weight lead customers accordingly.
  7. YouTube. Youtube could be a great example of a website with effective communication. Itt has search bar on the very top for users to find their own interest, and have features like live video, comment, etc. Also, the videos that pops up on the main page is recommended related to the interest of the users.
  8. Netflix. Well organized with great use of color conttrast - red and black. Hovering effects are used to maximize user experience. Programs are organized in categories, making easier for users to check out.